Recently, I wrote an article on the importance of adding Konjac root (noodles) to your diet. Not only is Konjac root beneficial towards your weight loss goals, but it is also a great natural source of dietary fiber. Dieting has just become easier when incorporating the Konjac root to your meals, but did you know that there is another herb you could be taking along with Konjac root that will help jump start your metabolism?

The herb I am referring to is the Kola Nut. Usually known only as Kola Nut, but sometimes referred to as Bissy Nut, Guru Nut, Cola Nut or Cola Tree, this herb works on your body in two-fold. It acts as a stimulant to decrease your appetite, but due to it’s high caffeine levels it also aids in the metabolism of fats. It is mainly used in Brazil and Central/Western Africa, but is quickly gaining popularity in the Western World.

Due to it’s high caffeine levels the Kola Nut is becoming extremely popular. It is being added to beverages, body building snacks, alcohol drinks and even some forms of candy. Not only does the Kola Nut jump start your metabolism, it is also known to give you great focus and concentration during it’s use. Bodybuilders and power lifters especially take note of this great advantage during their training.

Another benefit of incorporating the Kola Nut into your diet plan is it’s Kola phenolics (class of chemical compounds) that are high in antioxidants. Best described as a molecular defense team, these antioxidants wreck havoc on the free-radicals, throughout your body.

If you are serious about weight loss, but hesitant to try the chemical weight loss products that are out on the market today, try Konjac Root and Kola Nut. You won’t be depriving yourself with the feelings of hunger, because the fiber rich Konjac Root once consumed, gives you the feeling of fullness.
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Your metabolism will get a sudden boost with the ingesting of Kola Nut without any of the shaky/ jittery feelings you can get with some of the other caffeine products. Incorporating these two “natural herbs” into your weight loss program can easily be your first step towards a healthier, happier you.