We are giving this guideline for each new and present clients of Verizon Wireless. The pursuing instructions are certain for those people who use Verizon Wi-fi.

Move one: Clear away the battery out of your Verizon mobile cell phone and find the ESN quantity, which is on the sticker under the battery. The number you are looking for is possibly famous as an ESN number or a HEX variety and is found in the again of the mobile phone under the battery.

Action 2: As soon as the ESN or HEX variety has been positioned, simply just call the Verizon Wireless cell phone selection below. A client assistance rep shoud be in a position to get your telephone up and running in ten minutes or a lot less.

Verizon Wi-fi Client Company Phone Number – 1-800-922-0204

Be aware – If you acquire the phone from the world wide web, we do no advise heading to the precise Verizon Wi-fi keep. A income individuals main intention the moment you walk in the doorway is to either update your latest phone or provide you a new deal and may well make up a selection of motives why your cell phone can not be activated. On top of that, most retailer workers are only educated on the couple of versions that are on hand セルノート口コミ in the store and might not be familiar plenty of with the cell phone to activate it. The finest qualified persons are identified when you contact in your cell phone through Verizon consumer assistance.

Idea – If you can not track down the ESN or HEX quantity on a Blackberry or Palm Treo cell cellphone, you can discover these important variety for activation by coming into *#06# on a Blackberry and on a Palm Treo you can enter ##786 or #*#786 adopted by the center button. This will present you the internal ESN quantity / HEX amount of the cell cellular phone. *#06# functions on some other cellphone products we have experimented with as effectively.