I have gotten a couple of email messages lately inquiring me about scraper internet sites and how to conquer them. I am not sure anything is 100% powerful, but you can probably use them to your gain (fairly). If you’re doubtful about what scraper web sites are:

A scraper website is a internet site that pulls all of its info from other websites employing website scraping. In essence, no portion of a scraper website is authentic. A research engine is not an case in point of a scraper internet site.
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Internet sites this sort of as Yahoo and Google get content from other websites and index it so you can research the index for search phrases. Research engines then screen snippets of the first web page content material which they have scraped in response to your research.

In the final couple decades, and owing to the introduction of the Google AdSense net advertising application, scraper web pages have proliferated at an remarkable amount for spamming search engines. Open up information, Wikipedia, are a popular resource of materials for scraper web pages.

from the major posting at Wikipedia.org

Now it must be noted, that possessing a vast array of scraper sites that host your material could lessen your rankings in Google, as you are at times perceived as spam. So I propose doing every thing you can to reduce that from taking place. You is not going to be able to quit each individual 1, but you can expect to be ready to gain from the kinds you do not.

Things you can do:

Include links to other posts on your internet site in your posts.

Include your blog name and a hyperlink to your site on your web-site.

Manually whitelist the very good spiders (google,msn,yahoo etc).

Manually blacklist the negative ones (scrapers).

Quickly web site all at as soon as web page requests.

Quickly block readers that disobey robots.txt.