Top 50 Valentines Day Love Songs

As I was trying to compile a list of songs for Valentines Day 2011, I realized that whilst we have millions of great love songs out there most of them are actually break-up, rebound or missing you songs. Finding a song which beautifully expresses love in its entirety, staying positive in tone and content and also not ending up too mushy or predictable was my real challenge.

That is why obvious choices like Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Will Always Love You’ or Bryan Adams ‘Everything I Do I Do For You’ didn’t quite make it to my list. I love both these tracks but they were too predictable and commercial now to be on a Valentines Day 2011 list.

Now scouring my list of songs I have known and heard over my lifetime was not quite easy as I had expected. Focused to find just the rights ones or at least the closest to right, I finally managed to compile a list of my Top 50 Valentines Day love songs. A must for any collector, lover, music listener and off-course every Valentine.

This list is designed on the following factors:

a) It carried just the right message of the ‘feeling of love’, without being too extravagant or over-the-top
b) They had to be comparatively contemporary and relevant to today’s valentines
c) I tried to minimize on including ‘overly commercial songs’ which whilst amazing as they are, have over the time lost the same feel as when they were originally heard.
d) I tried to minimize on any form of negativity such as break ups, reunions, heartbreaks etc. Valentines Day is for the hopeful lovers and through this list I was seeking to keep the spirit positive.

I do hope you like this list and will try to listen to the ones you may not have heard before. As a combination when heard collectively would put you in the just the perfect mood. Valentines Day after all deserves this hard work.

Do let me know should you have some interesting tracks I could add to this list or replace with ones of lesser relevance  Happy Valentines Day Images to you.

01. Beautiful In My Eyes (Joshua Kadison)
02. Flying Without Wings (Westlife)
03. In My Life (Ronan Keating)
04. You (Ten Sharp)
05. I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (Jim Croce)
06. Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
07. Forever And For Always (Shania Twain)
08. Something About You (Bad Company)
09. Lost In Your Eyes (Debbie Gibson)
10. Satisfied (Jewel)
11. Loving Arms (Dixie Chicks)
12. Have I Told You Lately (Van Morrison)
13. The Actor (Michael Learns To Rock)
14. Then (Brad Paisley)
15. To Love A Woman (Enrique Iglesias with Lionel Richie)
16. Because I Love You (Shakin Stevens)