Increase Your Expertise in File Maker With FM0-303

There would be lots of computers in a network which would try to access the same database file. In this situation, there is a need for a good security model in FileMaker Pro. FMO-303 focuses on development topics that are associated with the file maker. With a good security system, one would be able to determine the privileges of the users and also grant them with limited rights to do the best. One can download the chart from the internet in order to find the right kind of software and hardware that are needed for your requirements. One must follow the below three steps in order to share your database in a network. FMO-303 requires good knowledge of the fundamentals in databases sharing.

The first step mainly focuses on protecting your database. The next step would be setting up a database for sharing. In order to host a database, the application must definitely be setup for network sharing. In order to enable network sharing, the following steps needs to be followed. Select FileMaker Pro and select sharing and click file maker network. Then change network sharing to ON. The database must be enabled for network sharing. The first person who would open the database would be the host. The host would be able to open it with extended privileges. Once the database is open on the host computer, all users would be able to access it. The last step would involve sharing database. The database must be opened with FileMaker Pro. To share the database select send link from file. This would create an email with hyperlink to the database. In order to pass the FMO-303 the candidate is expected to be well versed in all the above illustrated steps and this would lead to a success in exam!

filemaker server

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