Ebook & Software Master Resale Rights – 5 Reasons Why People Fail

Much has been written about how to succeed with ebook and software master resale rights.

However in this article we will see five key reasons why people fail with their master resale rights business.

Selling ebook resell rights, or software resell rights can be profitable but these are 5 key things you have to make sure you avoid:

1) Leaving products sit too long on your hard drive.

This is the number one failing of most people who purchase the master resale rights to an ebook or software product.

Leaving the product sit on their hard drives and being too lazy to make the necessary changes and upload it.

Buying a resale rights product and never putting it online is like buying a car and never putting any fuel in the tank.

There’s no point.

What’s a hot ebook resale rights product right now, may not be hot a hot resale rights product few months down the line, so get that product up and online asap!

2) Payment Links Not Working.

Another reason is people put up the product and they don’t bother checking their payment links.

If you’ve ever been to a website where you have read about the product, and decided for you it seems like a “Must Have”, taken out your wallet, readied your credit card, and pressed the “Order Now” button only to find the link doesn’t work or doesn’t direct you to the payment page…

You’ll know how annoying it is.

However for the business owner – they’ve just lost a sale and a lot of credibility, or trust in purchasing with the customer.

I cannot believe how many website owners work so hard to get their products online, only to fall and fail at this crucial step, and not bother checking the payment link!

Your ebook or software resale rights business is doomed if you don’t check your payment links.

You MUST ensure that your payment links are working!

3) Using Free Web Hosting.

Listen up! If you want to create a serious online business then please just steer clear of cheap looking free hosting accounts.

These tend to have adverts and pop ups that you can’t control, and also limit page setup or layout.

Would you do business on a page or domain name that cries out free hosting? Save free hosting accounts for your family and holiday snaps, not for a master resale rights business.

It makes sense to invest in your own domain name and get your own paid for hosting service.

Not only will it look far more professional, but you will also have far fewer problems in the long run.

4) Not Capturing Visitors Email Addresses.

Unless you have customers to go back to and market to again and again, you will run out of money faster than you make it trying to constantly get new visitors to your web site.

So much has been written about capturing peoples email addresses that I won’t try to go into it in any detail here.

You’ve read it a million times already haven’t you?


The old adage “The Money Is In The List” and so on and so forth… You get the picture.

5) Spamming.

Make sure you use a reputable autoresponder service and don’t spam.

People hate it and it will shut your business down faster than you can say “I didn’t” – Don’t Do It.

These are just 5 reasons why people fail with a master resale rights business online.