Borobudur Temple – The Greatest Buddhist Temple in 9th Century


Borobudur is the biggest temple in Indonesia. Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, Central Java, in addition of being a famous tourist attraction, this temple also becomes a center of worship for Buddhists in Indonesia, especially at every celebration of Waisak. Borobudur temple is also known as “Monastery in the hills” because it lies in the hills.

The temple was built around 800 BC or 9th century it has been established as one of the cultural heritage of UNESCO and it does not only makes proud for all people in Indonesia but also throughout the world. This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies. Borobudur was built by Samaratungga, one king of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Gunadarma is the architect of record as someone who is successfully built this temple.

The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizing human beings that are still bound by lust. Four levels mentioned above represents Rupadhatu, humans who have set themselves free from lust but still tied to appearance and shape. Borobudur temple as a whole has ten levels consisting of six levels of a square, circular level three circular and a main stupa as a peak. candi borobudur  At every level there are several stupas. Altogether there are 72 domes besides the main stupa. In every stupa there is a statue of Buddha.

On the wall there is a wall relief of Borobudur temple which tells of a legendary story of Ramayana. In addition, there are relief panels describing the condition of society at that time. All relief panels in Borobudur temple reflect the teachings of the Buddha. Hence, this temple functions as educating media for people who want to learn Buddhism

With all the grandeur and mystery that is only natural that every person from around the world want to visit Borobudur. Borobudur is the excellence and evidence of human intelligence has ever made in Indonesia. It also became the cultural attractions and major in Indonesia instead of Bali and Jakarta.


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